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iPad Air



I stopped by the Galleria Apple Store on my way home from my monthly meeting for work to check out the new iPad Air. It's significantly better than my iPad 2. I was quite surprised that they still had some available, and even the exact model(Space Gray 128 GB WiFi only) I was interested in.


The difference in detail for The Simpsons™: Tapped Out is astonishing:


iPad 2



iPad Air



Both images are zoomed in as close as the game will let you go. The game is also much more responsive on the Air.




The back camera's quite a bit nicer too:


iPad 2



iPad Air



The Air is almost on par with my iPhone 4S



My 5S, arriving next week, should take even better pictures.


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I'm craving a new iPad Mini. Even though mine's not even a year old, I'd love to have a faster CPU and retina display. (The $200 trade-in value makes it all the more tempting.) I'll probably check out the Air, but I really like the compactness of the Mini.

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Mom was visiting for the weekend. She liked my new iPad so much that we went into town today so she could get one (Space Gray 64GB WiFi only). The main things she likes about it is how much light it is (vs her old iPad 2) and how clear the retina screen is.

When i set mine up I connected it to my MacBook Pro and restore from and iTunes backup. Mom didn't bring her MacBook Air with her, so we decided to try the iCloud method. It was a breeze.

  • old iPad: Settings->iCloud->Storage & Backup->Back Up Now.
  • new iPad: Power on, go thru a few screens, select Restore from iCloud Backup

All her settings were copied to the new iPad Air, and most programs were reinstalled as well. For some reason we had to manually reinstall Amazon Instant Video and Simpsons: Tapped Out.

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When I first got the iPad Air I didn't think the difference in weight was that big of a deal. Last night, after having used strictly the iPad Air for a week, I did a test run of my presentation using the iPad 2 and wow, it was heavy.


I'm using the iPad 2 to give my presentation as I already have VGA and HDMI 30pin adaptors to drive the projector. Haven't picked up the lightning versions yet. I did the test run using AirServer on my Mac mini.

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I didn't buy a larger iPad precisely because of the weight. Especially when drawing on it, I found my thumb got really sore holding it. The iPad Mini is about as light as a small sketchbook. I'm interested in checking out the iPad Air though. May have to stop by the Apple Store later...

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