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My next car?



I love my 2005 S2000, but it's starting to get a little long in tooth. I'd buy another in a heartbeat (I had a 2002), but Honda discontinued them in 2009 :sad: I headed out to the Houston Auto Show this past weekend to take a look at what's out there as I don't really know what I want. It was taking forever to get into the parking lot at Reliant Park, so I decided to head to the park & ride lot at the Fannin South Metro rail stop. It's only 1 train stop away, but turned out to be a better deal as parking at Reliant Park would have been $10 while taking the train only cost me $5.50 ($3 to park + $1.25x2 for the rail ticket)


I've been debating a Z4 and was hoping to take a closer look, but BMW didn't have one on display. I like the lines of the ones I've seen around town, as well as the idea of a hard-top convertible, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money.


I checked out the Miata hard top convertible. It looked nice; but, when I sat in it, it just didn't do it for me.


Did some wandering around and came across this coupe that really piqued my interest. I sat it in and really liked it. They also have a roadster, but didn't have one on display.





While I'm still looking, I suspect there will be a Mini in my future as I kept going back to check out that coupe.


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It looks nice, though I don't think they have a convertible option.


I was looking for hard top convertibles, so was quite surprised when that Mini John Cooper Works Coupe caught my eye like it did. I was glad to see a convertible option, even though it isn't a hard-top. Thinking back to prior discussions we've had, I'm not surprised that you don't care for the design ;)

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Looks good.


Last year Mini dropped that roadster I was interested in. No biggie, after being in Al's Model S I decided I want a Tesla instead :) I stood in line the day of the reveal for the Model 3 and put money down sight-unseen - if I didn't like the 3 I'd have used the funds towards an S instead, but by standing in line I've an earlier spot in queue for when they start shipping next year.

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