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Updating 2600 Warlords



I'm working on enhancing Warlords for the 2600. I plan to convert it to 8K then start hacking away. I'm currently on step 1 and have attached the source with my first weeks worth of commenting in case anybody would like to review it.


1) Document Source

2) Convert to 8K

3) find RAM for new routines (rewrite of wall routines should free up 32 bytes)

4) Hack away - changes in no specific order:


  • The Launch Dragon
  • More angles on the fireball
  • Game Variation - Multiple Fireballs Options to implement:1 - flicker ball (least likely to be viable - but very easy to try out)2 - flicker player graphics as shield/king, use missiles for fireballs3 - use playfield to draw king, use missiles for fireballs - may have issues with "king color"
  • Game Variation - Masochistic ModeCause damage your own Wall if you hold the fireball for too long
  • Game Variation - Builder ModeAbility to repair your Wall, but only when others are holding a fireball.




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