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Older game art was just better.



I'm sure anyone that is apart of this forum already knows, that older games had some great art. Looking at those 80's painted covers just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. It really set the tone for the great journey that was waiting for you. Let's face it game's back then were 90% imagination 10% graphics. You were controlling a square pixel on a black void. Still this didn't deter you from hours of enjoyment.

Game manuals back then gave you art that should've been on a movie poster and written inside was back story to set everything in motion. This was standard and it made you feel your money was well spent.

Nowadays things are different, if you want that beautiful artwork you are gonna have to pony up some cash for that special ultra collector's edition. Heck if you want a manual with your game the developers were nice enough to give you a link to a PDF file filled with plain text. These people are busy and can't be bothered with your want for tangible objects. Soon to bothered would they be to give you anything physical, better have that super duper fiber optic T1 internet for our 20gig game and 80gig update.

Enough ranting, I was going through my stack of manuals and booklets and thought I'd scan a few pages of the Atari '81 game catalog. I really enjoyed the art of the games if shows. This is just a few but I'll post more as I go about scanning it.






Look at that majestic wizard overlooking all the games you can play, now you know sh*t's about to get real!



I prefer this look to pac-man then namco's current offering.



George Clooney has nothing on this guy, look at how he's taking down that force field with an inanimate carbon rod.


Long I thought Pac-man was filling himself with small antidepressants, but nope! The Pac guy just loves gum, wonder what his favorite flavor is?



Hope you guys enjoy and I'll post more scans soon.

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