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Laff TV, Savings



I'd previously mentioned that Live Well was being simulcast in both HD and SD on the 2 subchannels of the local ABC station. This morning the SD subchannel switched to the new Laff TV network.




As you may have surmised by the name, it's a comedy channel and features shows like Empty Nest, Drew Carey, Grace Under Fire, Spin City as well as movies.


I did a channel scan, no change - we're still at 118 channels here in Houston.




I just realized I hadn't posted an update of savings since January, so here's a quick update:


February - no purchases though I sent PBS a donation of $120 for a monthly savings of $36

March - no purchases, savings of $156.


Cumulative savings is now at $3322 with a balance of $394 to pay off the setup.



I seriously debated signing up for the new HBO Now after finding out I'd be able to watch it on my Mac mini setup via a web browser. I even went so far as to download the app on my iPad before the Art Car Parade weekend thinking I'd try it out Sunday after everybody went home. I decided not to after sitting down Sunday evening and realizing the DVR had over 1500 shows recorded!

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The dangers of too much storage space - a huge backlog of stuff to watch. (Although I shouldn't throw too many stones - I'm multiple episodes behind on Gotham & Constantine - although I am up to date on Agents of Shield & Amazing Race).


However, I recently changed my internet & phone plan to take advantage of a lower priced bundle and got the cableco's version of Netflix. And while I can watch it via the Internet, a lot of the content is also available through my cablebox (so it doesn't impact my internet usage cap). So what shall I watch tonight? Star Trek (TOS and TNG)? Quantum Leap? Top Gear? My wife has already binge-watched Jane the Virgin and now is talking about Americans. (Unfortunately, the cableco doesn't have the rights to Game of Thrones, but we're on the library waitlist.)

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