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2b2t - ultimate public SMP Minecraft



I finally took the plunge and bought Minecraft for the PC (after playing many hours on the PS3). An article about 2B2T, an "anarchy" server with a world which is now five years old, intrigued me. The world is littered with stuff players have built up and others have torn down. The central spawn point is a wasteland of blocks floating far over bedrock. Simply not dying of falling or starvation when you start is difficult.

And yet, in spite of it's reputation as a lawless environment, it's surprisingly peaceful once you escape the spawn zone. Even in the spawn zone there are oasis where wood and food can be found, left behind by good Samaritans. And none of the other players I've run across has attacked me, in spite of the NSFW chat. (Even the hostile mobs seem placid.)

OTOH, any of the chests I have found are empty or only contain the most trivial items. Food is still scarce, although I've been lucky finding a few melon farms which haven't been razed. And in spite of walking close to 9km of game distance, I am still finding frequent evidence of previous players.

A couple of notable items I've come across on my journey. First was I stepped through a Nether Portal with the intent of gathering some netherack. But when I stepped back through the portal I found myself in a completely different location, far underground. While some use the nether to more quickly move through the world, I think I will avoid it until I am better prepared.

Second was the pair of Mooshroom cows in a normal forest biome. I don't know whether another player lured them there from their Mooshroom island home, or whether they spawned there due to some bug, but I appreciated them and milked them for their mushroom stew. I briefly considered trying to set up camp and farm them, but it was too close to the spawn zone to avoid the griefers who delight in destroying whatever they can find.

A shout out to doctrzombie for his YouTube videos which have inspired my 2b2t journey.


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