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2b2t Minecraft continued



My first plan on my journey away from my book making base was to set up a fresh spawn point. So I column jumped up to cloud level and created a 7x7 small platform on which I put small pond, melons, wood blocks and my bed (which I slept in to reset my spawn point). The idea was if I died I would at least have enough food and wood to make a fresh start, and I could get down from the clouds by turning the pond into a waterfall.

One item of interest I found on my journey was an Ocean Monument, complete with an Elder Guardian - a tough semi-boss who I had no interest in even attempting to defeat.

I eventually found what I was looking for - an Extreme Hills biome; under which I should be able to find emeralds. So I carved out my second base, starting with a hidden entrance, a room for an enchanting table and bookcases, and a mine shaft.


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