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2b2t Minecraft - starting a YouTube channel



I am going to start a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxuqdYak8Q81EUkUeSDoUVg of my 2b2t experience. My plan is to kill myself so I start back at spawn, then work out from there. Hopefully passing along a few bits of wisdom for new players and a few laughs.

I'm bringing home a headset from work tonight to see how that works out. QuickTime does a great job of recording the actual gameplay at 4K then converting it down to 720p for YouTube.


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Recorded my first video and uploaded it. While the online YouTube editor would probably be good enough for my needs, the post-edit processing seems to get stuck in limbo. And unlike the post-upload processing, there's no status bar so I have no idea how much longer it will take or how long I should expect it to take.

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The video is nothing but walking.


I'm suspecting the 2sd part would be fun when the dark comes out and mobs may appear. I wonder how do you survive in the first night without dying.

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Chapter 1 part 1 and 2 are both up! And yes, there is a lot of walking - it's how to survive.


Actually, surviving nights isn't bad while you're on the move as very few mobs spawn. It's when you stay in one place that it becomes difficult.

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You managed to find food on the way.


I begun to play 2b2t since yesterday,


I just met a spider who, after killed it, gave me 2 strings.


It's enough to make a fishing pole.


From now, I'm surviving by fishing.


If you find a house with "robingravel's" written on the sign, it was me.

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I've decided not to continue the channel. Primarily because it was impacting my ability to play 2b2t when I wanted, doing what I wanted, for as long (or short) as I wanted.


The lack of positive feedback (and the negative feedback) made the decision easier. I also decided I wasn't really contributing much to the community.


Maybe if I get some positive feedback on the existing videos I'll do another one. It's not difficult or even time consuming.


Meanwhile I've established a new base, done some mining and built a grinder around a zombie spawner. Unfortunately the server seems to be offline - hopefully temporary.

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2b2t was great at first but I lost interest of this server because I always get killed by players and my home gets grief.


Walking and talking are not existing either. That's why few people left comments to your videos.


No offence taken i hope.

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No offense taken, it's an honest statement.


Personally I haven't had any issues with PvP (I've only seen two other players & neither attacked me) or anyone griefing my bases. However, I am thousands of blocks away from spawn and the primary axes and it's rare when I even see evidence of other players.


I have installed Ambient Occlusion's X-Ray mod, which shows how futile it is to try to disguise a base.


Right now I'm journeying back to a base. I got turned around so last night I ended up farther away than when I started. So I've decided to tunnel down to diamond level and journey there, using X-Ray to gather diamonds along the way.

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Are you going to make new videos.


Also, be careful with x-ray mod. If someone catches you using x-ray, you would be banned. It would better not using x-ray in your videos.

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2b2t has no rules, no moderators; it's a true anarchy server. Client side cheats like x-ray won't get you banned unless they have a substantial negative impact on the server.


It's actually interesting mining with x-ray, although it removes a lot of the challenge. I spotted a pair of dungeons very close to each other last night, so I'm going to see if I can turn them into a single XP grinder. (Hopefully they are one zombie & one skeleton.)

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