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Dream About Video Panels Attached to Walls and Ceiling

Random Terrain


In the dream, I was viewing a video at a web site similar to YouTube. A company was pushing their new product; video panels that attach to every inch of the walls and ceiling of a room. The panels could display anything, but the company was promoting their realistic computer recreations of underwater ocean scenes to make you feel like you are standing at the bottom of the ocean (where there is still enough light to see and there are schools of fish and other creatures). The computer recreations were supposed to be better than specially recorded live-action video scenes for the panels since it wouldn't be repetitive.

Random Terrain

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I have 10 panels going in my lounge, powered by Orbiter and SpaceEngine, or X-Plane, for a really immersive and relaxing space cruise. If I want a planetarium, Stellarium or Starry Night works pretty nice.


I sometimes think of it as a huge-ass VR helmet in a way. Ultimately it would be nice to get a hi-res dome projector going.

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