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Games of Atari - Atari 5200 Captures Really Complete! ColecoVision or Atari 7800 Next!



I decided not to do all the XE/XL conversions out there, and focus only on the ones that I legitimately own for the 8-bit line. With the addition of some new entries for games like Atlantis, Crystal Castles and Up 'n' Down, I can now declare all Atari 5200 capture complete, at least until I get some more 5200 and/or 8-bit games!

I recently learned the ColecoVision actually has enough native capabilities to support component video. My video capture rig doesn't support component, but I figure at the resolutions I'm capturing, the difference between S-video and component probably don't matter. The difference between S-video and composite definitely does matter, however, so I still want a ColecoVision modded for component, or S-video at the very least. I'm afraid I'm still not confident enough in my own hardware hacking skills to do the mod myself, so I'm in the market if anyone has services to offer!

Depending on how long it takes to get a modded ColecoVision, I may move on to the Atari 7800 instead. I already have one of those modded and ready to go. Of course I could instead catch up on some of the review and history article writing I've been putting off...


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