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Medieval Mayhem



I decided to roll my own Warlords instead of hacking the original so that we can have cartridges made :)


I spent a few hours tonight and have got the score going. The score's going to be on a single line to allow me to have a larger playing area.



The scores make more sense if you know how my players will be set up.


Player 1 = Top Left

Player 2 = Bottom Right

Player 3 = Top Right

Player 4 = Bottom Left


Warlords has some extra logic to deal with Player 2 sometimes being the Top Right Shield(3 & 4 player games) and sometimes being the Bottom Right Shield(2 player games). I plan to not rearrange the players.


Recommended Comments

I've switched to a 2LK. If this gives me 26-32 cycles I'll try out your routines.


I would think that you could probably get by with reading the paddles in the central portion of the screen, if you do so at single-line resolution. This would certainly be true if, on alterate frames, you release the paddles just above or just below the top players' shields (paddles near the middle of their range would be readable on both even and odd frames; those near one end or the other would be readable on half the frames).

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