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death of the 3.5mm 15mm TRRS socket?



Reading https://www.buzzfeed.com/johnpaczkowski/inside-iphone-7-why-apple-killed-the-headphone-jackgave me an idea. What if you combined the Apple W1 wireless chip with something like a Chu Moy pocket amplifier. So you plug your $tupidly expen$ive headphones into the pocket amp which is wirelessly connected to your phone.

On the actual removal of the headphone jack, I think Apple is ahead of the curve. Bluetooth based headphones are becoming more common and there are definite advantages to not having a cable between the your head and where you stuff your upgraded Walkman. I suspect not having a headphone jack will be common in the next generation of smartphones.


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If they were going to make the move of replacing the headphone jack with something, I think Apple was idiotic for not moving to USB-C instead. Lightning is shortly going to be another abandoned connector left on the Apple scrapheap of history.

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Unlike many other smartphones (like my HTC-601) iPhones don't receive FM radio (https://9to5mac.com/2015/04/20/fm-radio-iphone/) - so that's not a big problem for Apple. And while it's a nice feature, it's not a must-have for most people. OTOH, the bluetooth speaker I just bought has an FM tuner and it uses the USB cable for the antenna. So maybe if Apple really wanted to they could use the lightning cable as an FM antenna.

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