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TabloTV Part 2



First off I see that Tablo's having a Black Friday sale. Free antennas (just pay $12 for shipping) and discounts on Tablos. As of Saturday morning one antenna model is sold out, but another remains available as do the Tablo discounts.

When we set up the antenna we took a small TV outside and plugged it in via a coax cable. We did that to help with the alignment, plus we didn't yet know where the other end of the existing cable went. After I'd left they noticed a couple channels they wanted to watch were sporadically breaking up. They didn't do that when we tested it with the TV outside, so the problem was most likely due to signal degradation over the longer cable going through the attic.

When dad bought the antenna he'd also purchased an amplifier, though it was one used to boost the signal so it could be split 4 ways. It was labeled for indoor use only so we'd connected in the bedroom. Once I got home I did some research and found that it's better to use an amplifier closer to the antenna, so I had him order one of these.

I went to my folks for Thanksgiving for Thursday & Friday. On Thursday their Tablo was recording all day so we held off on installing the amplifier until Friday. Thursday night we went to Magical Winter Lights. If you'd like to see more I've posted a bunch of photos and videos at Facebook: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

blogentry-3056-0-27242100-1480176099_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-06430400-1480176112_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-47281400-1480176123_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-83594600-1480176134_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-54795600-1480176144_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-65809200-1480176154_thumb.jpg

In Friday we installed the amplifier and those channels stopped breaking up. We did a new channel scan and the channel count went from 73 to 105!

Additionally we relocated the Tablo from their bedroom to the den as the various blinking lights when shows were being recorded were bothering them when they were trying to go to sleep.

The Tablo software has a really slick "TV Shows" view that displays an alphabetical list of shows with thumbnails. Selecting a thumbnail lets you see all upcoming episodes for that show, as well as easily flagging the series to be recorded. Similar views exist for Movies and Sports. I quickly spotted a number of series that I've since configured EyeTV on my Mac mini to record. I've also dropped Geniatech this note:

My folks just set up a TabloTV and besides the typical "TV Guide" view it has a "TV Shows" view that displays an alphabetical list of shows using thumbnails. Select a thumbnail and you can see a list of upcoming episodes and flag the Tablo to record them.

I quickly spotted a number of series I'm interested in that I didn't know where being broadcast, basically older cable series from channels like AMC, SyFy or USA that are now being broadcast on local channels. I get 120+ channels off the air here in Houston so its difficult to spot those series via EyeTV's Program Guide. It would be handy to have a similar TV Shows view in EyeTV, listed just below Program Guide in the Library grouping, even if it's just a text listing of show names w/out the thumbnail images.


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Back when I subscribed to Schedules Direct (to feed the MythTV box I had) I put together a program to extract out the movies playing in HD. So each week I could look though the list of movies and see if there were any I might want to tape.

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Was thinking about writing a little program last night so took quick looking for the TV Guide data. Didn't see it, suspect it's stored in a hidden file or directory. Plan to do some more looking tonight. Wouldn't limit it to HD only though as I've watched a number of older movies on Movies!, such as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, that are broadcast at DVD quality.

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