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Two million pounds of ice on a subtropical island!



My sister likes to bring my nephew and a few other kids for an extended weekend to do some holiday sightseeing in Houston. I try to find something different to do every year, and this year was no exception!

They got here on Saturday, the 17th, and we started them off making Melted Snowman Cookies:

  1. bake sugar cookies
  2. frost them with white cookie icing (the kind that eventually sets up hard)
  3. microwave marshmallows until they just start to puff up
  4. position the marshmallows - as they cool and deflate they become the melted heads
  5. decorate

blogentry-3056-0-70421200-1483282671_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-66539400-1483282675_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-28632300-1483282679_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-93678100-1483282682_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-76086700-1483282691_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-34525100-1483282696_thumb.jpg

On Sunday we headed down to Galveston Island to see Ice Land at Moody Gardens.

Moody Gardens takes the holidays to a whole new level of cool! A skilled team of master ice carvers has charted your course for the ultimate Caribbean Christmas! Embark on a breathtaking undersea journey made of two million pounds of ice!

blogentry-3056-0-89706300-1483283077_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-12320000-1483283081_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-67342000-1483283084_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-02343300-1483283089_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-96690100-1483283092_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-58850800-1483283101_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-49519000-1483283104_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-34634400-1483283108_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-49641100-1483283112_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-90875500-1483283115_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-50549900-1483283119_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-16377900-1483283124_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-20431300-1483283129_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-47366200-1483283133_thumb.jpg
9° F is not a normal temperature for this part of the world. My iPhone shut itself off towards the end of our visit, I had to put it in my pocket to warm it up enough to take the last few photos.

Monday we went to the Galleria for some ice skating:
blogentry-3056-0-98614300-1483283363_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-33348400-1483283370_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-00958400-1483283376_thumb.jpg

Tuesday morning we went to the iPic Theater for breakfast and a screening of Rogue One! This is one awesome theater - waiters, recliners, pillows, and blankets! My favorite feature is when you recline the chair your head dips down below the wrap around wall, which is designed to muffle any sounds made by the other patrons.
blogentry-3056-0-62941000-1483283381_thumb.jpg blogentry-3056-0-96206900-1483283388_thumb.jpg


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Forgot to mention - it works out best to decorate the cookies on paper plates. Once the icing sets it's difficult to take the cookies off a regular plate without breaking the cookies, while on a paper plate a slight push from underneath will pop the cookies right off.

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