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Why can't things be black and white? How about black and grey?



Why can't everything be black and white? That question got me thinking.

In a LARP I am part of a fighter company or family where the colors black and grey and from the above question I realize how true to life those colors area.

First off nothing is ever optimal or perfect which we'll assign the color white. White or godlike perfection is almost not in the equation in our imperfect existence.

What does that leave us? The opposite of perfection or order which would be a lack of order or chaos, we'll give that variable black.

From that, the only order possible in a imperfect state would be cobbled state we as imperfect beings agree on somewhat though seen from many points of view. We'll assign that variable grey as it is closer to white (perfection) than black.

And that is why things are not black and white but rather black and grey. 1f609.png

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Black is easy - the absence of light energy coming from an object. Of course, black might just be very little light energy, or the colors the object reflects aren't those being generated by the local light sources, or the colors aren't those which can be detected by the observer.


White is much more difficult. For humans it's when the signals generated by the three adjacent "RGB" cones are high and relatively equal. Then our brains say "that's white".


Black is primarily a function of light energy, white is primarily a function of the observer.

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