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Camo Moth

Random Terrain


This is the blog post you've been waiting for all your life that will change the Internet forever!

No, not really. It's just a crappy blog entry about a common moth. I don't remember seeing this one before in real life, so I took a few pictures of it. The moth is called the Pandora Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha Pandorus) [Camouflage Moth]. I left the images large for those who like to get as close as possible.




Random Terrain
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We have hummingbird moths sometimes, but they don't have the cool camo like that.


And usually in the Summer we get besieged by these little moths called "Millers" (technically each is a "Miller's Moth"), who are on a migration and get sidetracked into houses, etc. on their way to pollinate wildflowers in the Rockies and on the Plains...However the last few years I've barely seen any millers...I had maybe 2 all Summer long last year, whereas some years I used to have up to 15 a day for about 2 weeks...

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Speak of the Devil and he appears!


Miller moths around here are harbingers of Summer, and I just saw my first Miller of the Season! He was on the glass on my sunporch. It's funny because like I said I only had a couple for all of last year...Anyway I snapped a blurry pic before he disappeared...



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