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DIY microconsole part 2



I now have MAME (2003 - 0.78) up and running, woot! I've loaded up "the best of" from pre-1986, now I need to figure out how to set the controls beyond the defaults. This also means I can play the originals rather than the console ports.

I'm also working on getting Colecovision running. I've created a script which creates a playlist from a directory of zip'd ROMs, as Lakka doesn't seem to auto recognize them. Unfortunately, the CV emulator is also the MSX emulator, so I need to figure out how to put it into CV mode while not impacting the MSX ROMS. Hopefully I can use symbolic links to create a separate configuration.

I've also discovered some additional ROM collections on the MAME DVD sets I have from back in the day.

Lakka also includes a bunch of emulators which I haven't tried out yet, including SCUMM VM for playing various point & click adventure games. I wonder if I have Leisure Suit Larry on my historical backup drive.


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