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Game Over




  • additional optimizations by cd-w, saved 600 bytes
  • Revised P and I type usage:
    Kids = max 1 P-Type at a time, zero I-type
    Easy = max 1 of each at a time
    Normal = max 2 of each at a time
    Hard = max 3 of each at a time
  • Reduced max sprites from 171 to 159, should speed up a number of routines & help reduce the chance of jitter
  • Revised spy ship routines
  • play tune & flash high score in menu if you made the high score
  • Implemented Sample Priority - need to always hear Spy Ship Sighted
  • Alert! Alert! now triggered by Station appearing onscreen, not by I or P-Type Missiles
  • Condition colors
    Green = normal
    Yellow = I, P, E-Type, or Spyship threat onscreen (but not station or station shots)
    Red = Condition Red active
  • game over message



Currently at 1,211 bytes free in the ROM.

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


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I think there needs to be some sort of condition in there that prevents "Alert! Alert!" from playing repeatedly. If you move back and forth so a station keeps moving on/off the screen, it says it over and over and over. Likewise, if there's a group of stations in a row (like Quadrant A, Sector 3), it should "know" that it's already alerted you. I'll have to check the arcade game again to see how frequent it seems to be there.

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Yeah, while not as bad as before it's still too chatty. Maybe a timer so if it's been said within the past 5 seconds or so it won't be said again.

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