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Star Wars: The Last Jedi newest trailer



So yesterday on ESPN which I hear is owned by Disney, they had a commercial shown to jocks of another franchise also owned by Disney: Star Wars.

So here is the trailer:

The whole Ray / Luke / Kylo / Snoke thing... ahhh!! Too many wizards!

Looking forward to see what they do with Finn, Poe, BB-8, Chewbacca, and other characters that I think are interesting and no one is focusing on. And yes, since age five I've been a fan of C3P0 and R2D2. And sadly at some point they have to finish off General Leia as Carrie Fisher is no longer with us sadly. :/

Points no one has talked about yet:

1) who is the person in the armor that looks like what Saw wore in Rogue One. Shown around
of the new trailer. Also

2) An X-Wing with a central engine??? Looks like the X-Wing has the "turbo mode" ignited to get Poe to the battle at
where Poe says "We are the spark". I think the scene at
showing BB-8 is where all the system were recovering from the Turbo mode boost. Also have to say

3) the glass foxes at 1:48 are a nice touch! :D

Seeing Luke was bitter sweet. Sadly they are using misdirection in the advertisements. Not to mention, as we saw in Rogue One, they could be using scenes not even int he movie. So I go back to the thoughts of too many wizards and too much to speculate on.

Give me Poe and BB-8! :D Pew pew!! That is what I watch Star Wars for.


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It's The Last Jedi not The Force Awakens.I only watched the new trailer once so can't comment much.


Edit , ok watched again. It's a tease, that's for sure. Can't wait to see it and will be rematch ingredients other Star wars shows in the meantime.

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All good points. Again, just want to see how the rebellion the resistance does, and again how my favorite characters like Poe, Finn, BB-8... the new folk, and how they develop. :D


So what do you think is the end game of these movies? The prequels: To make a villain. Original set of movies: To redeem a villain.


You know what I want to see? No more force users! If I was in that universe I would want to see no more of that. Every time someone gets force powers, things go to crap.



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Have you been reading the Poe Dameron comic book? It's wonderful and full of exactly what you are looking for. Strongly recommend.


And I'm with you, the more Force users we have and they more they use it the less special it is. That's why the Force was so cool in the first three movies and (one of the endless reasons) why those three fan fiction films were so terrible.

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