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They Want to Take Out My Gallbladder

Random Terrain


I told the gut doctor what game_escape said about a friend getting a HIDA scan, so he scheduled one for me on Monday (Oct. 23). They called me on Thursday to say that the scan showed that I need my gallbladder taken out. They contacted a surgeon who will schedule a consultation. I guess somebody will call me next week.

In case anyone wants to know, when I went to the hospital, a guy asked me some questions, then he tried to put a thing in my arm and messed up, so he had to use my other arm. After that thingy was in place, he injected some nuclear juice into my arm. Not long after that I was taken to a small room and told to lie still for an hour while the machine scanned my guts. I was then told to lie on my left side for a while as they scanned me. They told me to drink a nasty vanilla Ensure before lying under the machine without moving again, but I think it was less than an hour that time.

The guy said that he might have to give me some morphine if my gallbladder's sphincter didn't open or something like that, but everything was OK, so I didn't need any morphine. Speaking of that guy, he said that he had his gallbladder taken out. He said that he sometimes has to run to the bathroom after eating something like pizza, but he's OK most of the time.

Random Terrain
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I had mine removed, plus part of my intestine re-routed, after my pancreatitis. It's true that having the organ removed will make your digestive system more, er... sensitive. I can also tell you from personal experience that you don't want to fuck around with pancreatitis. I had been in severe pain about once every other month and nobody could tell me why, until the problem came to a head and I was rushed to a different hospital, which knew right away what I had. It took three months before I fully recovered, with nearly two months of that spent in the hospital.


My point is, don't drag your feet on this. Get that second opinion if you wish, but if there's a consensus that you need the gallbladder removed, have it taken out or it will give you nothing but misery later.

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You'll want to avoid grease, that's for sure! It makes you eat healthier, and with a few minor adjustments, you'll get to where you don't really miss it.

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