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Che Guevara Game #1



This is the game I am developing where the main game mechanic is like "snakes with guns".


So I have learned how to write to the Playfield register, and how to count scanlines.


So now I know how to do that as well as load player graphics from tables. I also learned how to load graphics using a pointer. By using LDA (ZP),Y I can point to whatever table of graphics I want to.


I have also learned how to position graphics on the Y and X axis.


One thing I still need how to learn how to do is change the colour of graphics line by line. I think I can also change the colour of graphics using a pointer.


I think I may need to implement more than a one line kernel. Doing all these things (positioning player0, player1, the ball, the missile... Colouring everything...) will take a lot of cycles.


But things are looking good. This kernel will be for the overworld, so it's a little more simple than the actual game mechanic.


After I manage to master the overworld kernel, I need to invent a kernel for the "snake" part of the game. That part will involve trying to work out how to draw 2 or 3 "dots" behind a soldier icon.


Because the main mechanic of the game is a game of snake where you shoot the last soldier in the line of soldiers.


The snake will be easy to draw in a vertical line:




But not in these forms:












So I'll need to learn how to make a simple multi-sprite kernel perhaps... Or I could use playfield graphics... Like in Surround. I could make a table of shapes to draw using playfield graphics... Surround draws playfield graphics but leaves them on the screen - it just doesn't erase the end of the line.


I could ask for help on that one, or I could just have a think... I think the table of shapes to load in as the soldiers move around the screen would be a good idea.

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