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Che Guevara Game #2



I decided to go into the city today and work from a Starbucks. It's a very different experience than the library. Homeless people frequently come in asking for money. I feel better about coming here than the posh Sydney University library because that way I can give my change to people who need it.

I remember reading an article on why you should give money unconditionally to homeless people, so I'm happy I've made the change.

Anyway today I'm gonna try and get a nice big bulk of the work needed to be done to get the mountain climbing kernel of the Sierra Maestra game working. I think I'll just code-name this Cuban Revolution game Sierra Maestra because I think I want to make the final name something more provocative.

Anyway SpiceWare's Collect tutorial is amazing, and I'm learning a lot by following it. I think I'll be able to get 2 players, the playfield and 2 missiles working in this kernel. The main issue I have with this kernel is the mountain climbing part of the game is meant to feature 3 different types of characters - Che, the player, and 2 NPCs: peasants and Batista soldiers. I think what I'll do is I'll show each NPC on different screens. When you find a peasant and they agree to be in your party, I think I'll create an icon on the bottom of the playfield, that way you'll be able to have a peasant with you when you encounter a soldier.

There won't be scrolling in this game, but there will be multiple screens. I'll learn scrolling later.

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