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Word Zapper (Vidtec/U.S. Games)




This game is so weird... It takes a concept that should never be made into a game, spelling, and made it into a game.This is one of the few third party educational games for the 2600, though I would say it accomplishes neither of the criteria to be an educational game, that being educational, and fun. This game learns you nothing and is not fun to play.. So what is it!?... Say it with me!! Crap, Crap! CRAP!! Who thought this was a good Idea? Was Vidtec U.S. Games dumping ground? Was Vidtec to U.S. Games was LJN was to Acclaim? I don't know but it seems that way.


This game looks plain, the only thing that even stands out a little is the spaceship thingy that you control, it's large multicolored and has more than one frame of animation. Otherwise, the play-field has a blue background with black walls, with tiny 'Meteors" as the manual calls them flying in from either side. I will admit that the constantly scrolling alphabet at the top of the screen is rather impressive when you take into consideration the difficulty the 2600 had with horizontal scrolling, but the problem is It's. The. Al. Pha. Bet! The premise of this game is so stupid, why am I even reviewing this? I could be reviewing something good like Bump 'n Jump, or even Draconian, but no! I'm stuck here in my chair reviewing Word Zapper brought to you by Quaker Oats! The game looks garbage, onto the sounds.


You know how I like to say that a game has Bleeps and Bloops? I usually highlight a worthy sound, like a good explosion, or the creative use of a noise generator. This game has only tiny little itty bitty bleeps and bloops. Nothing is standout, I got nothing say here, I could just get mad again to pad out the length but that seems unfair to you. So I'm just gonna get on to the gameplay, and with the way this review is going I have no doubt that it's gonna be a short paragraph.


You fly around and avoid obstacles while also shooting letters on the alphabet that is scrolling above you. It would be nice if the 'Meteors' made you lose a life right? This game has no lives, only a timer. The 'meteors' simply bump you a millimeter to the left or right, WHAT IS THIS GAME? WHY IS THIS GAME? THIS IS GAME? I HAVE SEEN GAME AND THIS IS NOT GAME!! This crap is for the birds man. This game has a multitude of different variations, but here's the issue with that. Either this game is too easy and you'll get bored within minutes, or the game is too hard and you'll get blindingly mad within seconds.


Avoid... This... Game... It... Is... Garbage... I am ashamed to own this game. Do not buy this game, if it is free somewhere, do not pick it up, do not look at it, it does not exist. This is the worst game in the Vidtec library, Sneak 'n Peak is less playable, but it is funny, this game is not funny, it is horrible and now I feel awful and need to lay down. Not even collectors should own this game. Only buy this travesty of a game if you are trying to get a complete 2600 library, but even then I think you'd be better off playing whatever crap Mythicon shoveled out.


Was I harsh? yes.. yes I was, but this game deserves it.


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The only sorta interesting thing I have to say about Word Zapper is that I also own a Taiwan Cooper pirate version of it called Big Bird ABC, the shell of which is only 1/2 or 2/3 the size of a standard cartridge. Very strange.


This is the kind of game that might be pretty fun if you're high, though. :P

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This is the kind of game that might be pretty fun if you're high, though. :P

I don't know... I still want to destroy it with my hammer.

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