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My brawler ColecoVision game



I worked on my unname brawler game today.


What's new:

Press Button 1 to attack

Press either 1 or 2 to select a weapon: fist, crowbar or whip.

You can't defeat an enemy in this demo. The player just has attack animation, nothing else.

I can't figure how to use FIRE3. Either the emulator doesn't support 4 buttons or I made mistake with the codes.

Keypad seems to work btw.

Have fun with this demo.
ok 11.rom

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FIRE3 requires the super action controller and you can just use FIRE2. The Colecovision joypad has 2 side buttons, so FIRE3 and FIRE4 won't work since the joypad don't have those buttons.

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I don't use a real colecovision. I use colem to test my game.


If colem does not support super action controller, I understand why FIRE3 is not working.


FIRE3 is supposed to switch weapons. I think using keypad for this purpose is just fine.

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