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Bit of progress



So after a few more days of work i've now got a new titlescreen with some scrolling text and flashing colors (bank6 now full!), a more varied and colored tileset (still not sure of the colors yet) and the first beam/lazer?? dropping blocks. I've had to re-arrange stuff and play around to try and get access to certain things across a couple of banks. The main loop is in bank2 and I now have the player code in bank3 and the enemy stuff in bank4. Hoping this will work ok on a real machine but until I get a Harmony cart (or release a build soon) for some testing I can only keep my fingers crossed.

I've converted some tile and data bank code into Macros which work quite well across various banks - except when you need to draw tiles!! I've setup a data bank to store some variables to check back in bank2 whether I need to drop a block. I have the requirement to draw the initial map and drop tiles but these are in different banks currently - hopefully I can fit it all into one eventually.

I have a couple of way of dying now but need to get the game over process sorted next and tidy up a little bug in the player jumping. Once this is done I might release a build - hopefully some time in the next week or two. Reasonably happy with progress though.


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