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I really dig the return of Artie!


And it's perfect that I come to this on a Sunday morning...As a kid I would sometimes look forward to reading the comics in the Sunday newspaper as it was the only day they were in color ...I know I was strange kid. Usually laughed hard at The Born Loser comic ...

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Thanks! I've got a backlog of strips written, so there will be new ones for about the next two weeks.


I miss reading Sunday comics. Although I miss there being any funny Sunday comics, too. Those seem to be in really short supply. (Changing tastes, I suppose.)

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Yep! (Maybe with the exception of The Far Side especially when it was new and novel) ...As we get older, I figure humor requires pushing the envelope...More mature themes, perhaps?...Which basically explains why South Park is Funny,..Hilarious at times, but Scooby Doo never was....Well maybe it was once in a while...


Either way I appreciate the work!


Yours reminds me, in a good way, of the Sunday comics...Plus being Atari themed is nice!


I also read "Space Roanoke" by pacman000...Not for humor, per se, but to read a serial style comic that someone came up with...And has stuck with. He's up to episode #45!


Don't work too hard, but keep up the good work!



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