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The mother of all video games for an Atari 2600 owner and the first pack in game.

My Atari game it came with my promotional release only Atari 2600 It had the box even. Though it had a red box and not the all black one so go fig.

I was 8 years old controlling a MFing Tank. there were so many options invisible tanks bouncing shots etc. I was hooked The gameplay was awesome you could fight friends my brother or even the computer. It was an awesome game for an 8-year-old..but does it stand the ravages of time? Let's see.

Graphically like all 260 games, they were poor, But who cares about graphics when you have the fun factor. I will say yes it stands the test of times I played it years ago with my nephew and he was excited even got mad when killed and wanted revenge it is addictive and fun. proving graphics are not everything. The play field is bland but engaging. You have to use strategy and can't just run and gun. With all its shortcomings it is still a great game with hours of replay even today I play it at least once a week.

Sound well sadly since I was 8 I have gone partially deaf so the sound is not an issue with me. However, the sound is basic with nice explosion sound when shot but no background noise. It still has great sound effects simple but satisfying.

My overall rating on a scale of 1 to 10 is an 8. it may be nostalgia talking but I will say its still a great game.

Welcome any other thoughts.

Omega Supreme.

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