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Not much added since my last entry, although I still have several Home Brew orders still being processed by Atari Age and Pack Rat Video Games, and a PAL standard 2-in-1 winging its way here from Germany.

Here's what I've just added. All are for the Atari 2600. All are purchases made via eBay:

  • Bermuda Triangle (Data Age, 1982). Developed in-house at Data Age. Complete Boxed Copy.
  • The Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision; 1982). This game was actually developed by Sirius Software and licensed by Spectravision for them to publish. Sirius also developed the first four games published by 20th Century-Fox, which includes Worm War I (see my review of Worm War I for further details). It's easy to spot the games Fox licensed from Serius, as they all have a red label.
  • Tapeworm (Spectravision; 1982). This one was developed in-house at Spectravision. This is a Snake style game. The other 2 Snake style games that I own are both Home Brews. Worm for the 7800, and NESnake 2 for, well, the NES of course. There are two more Snake style games that I want and are Home Brews as well, and I've Wishlisted them. Serpentine for the 7800 and Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns for the 2600. The latter is the follow-up to the original Home Brew Warring Worms game, which sadly I don't own. Can any one tell me where I can find a copy?

Interesting that all 3 games were released in 1982. The only game to require cleaning of the ROM pins to get to work was Tapeworm. Admittedly the seller listed it as 'untested.' It now works perfectly.


Bermuda Triangle $15 + $7.50 for Economy Shipping = $22.50 (also = over charged for shipping)
The Challenge of Nexar $7.99 + $4.53 for Standard Shipping = $12.52
Tapeworm $10 + $3 for Expedited Shipping = $13

Was the full title of the original Warring Worms game Warring Worms: As the Worm Turns? if not I think that would make a good title for a third game in the series.


Recommended Comments

The original Warring Worms was just Warring Worms. I suggested the title for Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns (and designed the label artwork for it).

Any suggestions Nathan on where I can find a physical copy of the original Warring Worms?

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