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A Sound Understanding



I have spent a little time looking through some ATARI Assembly Language books for sound routines that I might find useful. I found several examples in ATARI Assembly Language Programmer's Guide by Allan Moose and Marian Lorenz.

Chapter 5, appropriately titled "Sound", has 3 programs that I wanted to hear. BOX 31 - Envelope, BOX 32 - Tremolo, and BOX 33 - Vibrato. These are BASIC examples using USR routines. The ml programs were listed in BOX31A, BOX32A, and BOX33A.

The first program was typed in and I got that "What the #@%!?" feeling when I typed RUN. It didn't work. As I was checking for my typos that feeling was slowly replaced with a DajaVue. I was back to "What the #@%!?" when I couldn't find a typo. I started feeling nostalgic about half way through trying to follow the ML logic and determining if it matched the DATA statements. Euphoria washed away several hours of frustration as I listened to the sound with an envelope.

Now I realized, it is the search for euphoria that is drawing me back to my Atari age of computing.

Spoiler Alert- If you too are looking for your euphoria then avoid downloading this ATR. It contains a working version of the BASIC programs with slight modifications and the USR routine source code in MAC/65 format.

SOUND Box 31-33a.atr


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