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Which game do you like most?  

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  1. 1. Which is best?

    • Jailbreak
    • Murder Mystery 2
    • Adopt and Raise
    • Clone Tycoon 2
    • Pokemon Brick Bronze
    • Theme Park tycoon 2 (only available on Pc-mac and console)
    • Wizardry 2
    • Koala Cafe

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Roblox is a very cool game where you can play millions and millions of minigames made by other users. If you want to friend me, my username is BrownCanoe46. You can edit your avatar to look really cool. Roblox Studio is what Pc-mac users get after playing their first game. Roblox studio is what people use to make their games.


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First I created an account and then my own kids would not friend me because they didn't want dad playing their world.
Once they did I played for about 30 minutes and never played again.
I found the entire game one of the most boring thing ever created.
I guess I got spoiled with Fallout and Skyrim.

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Here is an interesting stupidity about ROBLOX and MineCraft...

As much as I love 8 bit graphics there is a reason why we evolved from them.
Now not only has there been a push back to 8 bit they do it in 4K...

Something is seriously wrong with people.

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