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11. Mistakes on scenes

Busby the Bobcat


This has some mistakes on scenes.


Animation errors

Yea, every cartoon has some animation errors,even the best ones. And this one has a lot of them. But some of them are not noticeable, so it's not important, but some of them are big. 


Some of them are coloured wrong:

  • Arnold's blue hands

1.thumb.png.2892c701832045e2a404d496440ae11c.png 2.thumb.png.387499d567613b9106963429a4d1d3fd.png 3.thumb.png.9136f97dac6346f4dd3ffc666f4bedb4.png 8.thumb.png.8a75e1c6cdf3c2ad2f401359d37a31c8.png

  • Bubsy's orange feet


  • Teresa's new shirt! 


  • Nephews' grey mouth


  • Buzz's purple head




Sometimes it changes the colour on Teresa's and Oblivia's eyelids:

19.thumb.png.183ccec01bc811647b0541217d3f727b.png  14.thumb.png.3976d876bd2cf283c76571bcbbb80d86.png



Some of them are questionable:


What's up with her scarf? That's not how it supposed to lay on her shoulders..



Where's its semi-trailer behind the truck? See what I mean? 



There are two scenes, where they switched characters:


Is that Bubsy Jr. over here?

(There is supposed to be Terry, instead of Bubsy Jr.) 



Eeem, what? How's Terry behind the roller coaster?

He's on the roller coaster next to Teresa, remember?

(There is supposed to be Bubsy, instead of Terry.)



There's even one scene, where they used the wrong background:


Uuum, how are they outside? Aren't they supposed to be in Buzz's kitchen?




Non-logical scenes

There are two scenes, that don't make any sense:


So, look at the first picture: So Terry is on the left side, Teresa is on the right side. Arnold throws them away, because he saw the truck on TV and then he hides. But then in the next scene, when they walk back to Arnold,they're switched. How?


3.thumb.png.09db55a879302f66b25df4c920129345.png  4.thumb.png.cf08f8207cc93a854e73b371c67c4602.png



In this scene, two giant nephews walk, then Terry accidentally steps on Bubsy and Arnold. Both.

Terry says: "Eeew, I think I stepped on something squishy." But then Teresa says: "Me too."

How? How did she felt that? Terry squashed them both. So again, how did she felt that?





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