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Well, That Was Something!



I don't really like to post personal stuff on here, but this was so crazy I gotta talk about it.


So out of nowhere, my father called my mother. This may not sound crazy, but between my birth, and now, they've only talked a handful of times (they separated). And oh boy, a lot of things happened.


Firstly, my father got COVID-19 and has mostly recovered, my half brother I guess got mugged and was shot (I didn't hear much about this, but I think he's ok), and I guess all of this made him call my mom to seek forgiveness. 


Thankfully, they made up and he will start getting in contact with my mom more often and be friends. This makes me happy since, you know, it's nice to see your mother and father make up after 1½ decades.



What Did We Learn?

Nothing! But you should call your parents and see how they're doing. They'd like that :).


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