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WKRP: Jennifer or Bailey ?



So for those of us who are WKRP, and we are sticking to the original crew for this one, there have been discussion of Jennifer or Bailey over the years.   As a kid Jennifer was obviously the hot one and Bailey was the nerdy one, and mean, glasses!!   Arrgg!!   As Not Another Teen Movie joked, oh no, glasses!!   That is uncureable!!


Of course, secretly, just like Velma and Daphne, we migrated to the one with the glasses because the Jennifer and Daphne's of the world were... unobtainable?   Out of our league?    So the nerdy girls became more the focus for us nerds.   Same is true for Ginger and Mary Ann in Gilligan's Island.   We gravitated to Mary Ann.


At some point a gorgeous blond friend of mine who just happened to be pretty (so the popular girls thought she was another of the pretty girls) but also a nerd let me in on a little secret: The Jennifers, Gingers, and Daphnes were all people (and not some higher being).  Shock!   :P   She also let me know that, for example, in college there were the women who had a skill set for getting what is commonly called the "MRS Degree".  They were almost courtesans in that they get skilled in hair, make up, clothes, conversation, and what not to marry well off.   That was their goal and they built that skillset.  But all this to say THAT is their skill set to some intelligent women.   That was the story related in the late 90s.   The bottom line of this is to say, Velma or Daphne, Jennifer or Bailey,  all were great women there.


So today someone posted an awesome picture of Bailey in the WKRP group on Facebook:




So always a fan of Bailey, but there were comments like "Bailey was wayyy hotter than Jennifer".   I did a complete rewatch of WKRP (and New WKRP) last year, and the story arc of Jennifer is an interesting one.  



You find out she actually has country backwater origins and progresses to the point that in the end with New WKRP marries a prince.


       But the head strong secretary while pushes off the advances of Herb Tarlek, she still cares for him as a co-worker.   She cares for all she works with and pulls favors to help all at some point.   A beautiful lady throughout.   So my thoughts on Jennifer or Bailey?





     Ultimately loved the character development of both throughout the series.






Recommended Comments

Bailey. But Jennifer was clearly the smartest person in the entire place.


I still wish they'd been able to put out the original unedited episodes on DVD, but the Shout! Factory collection is an okay compromise. Far better than the butchery that happened in syndication.

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