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Re-stickering a Galaxian Coleco Mini Arcade



I've always loved the look and form factor of the Coleco Mini Arcades from the early 80's ever since I saw them in the background of Angry Video Game Nerd videos and similar in the late 2000's, and have had one one my wishlist for that amount of time as well. While the Basic Fun and similar modern mini arcade things are cool they aren't nearly as big as the Coleco OGs, although in buying this I did run across 2006 era Excalibur mini arcades I think are actually better looking. I decided to go on a little ebay spree this december/january and decided to pick up a galaxian mini arcade missing stickers, after a google search revealed an AtariAge post linking to an ebay seller of repro stickers. (Good on Atariage for sticking around). In the below video is a rough vlog of the light "restoration" I did which I do believe the end result to be pretty convincing!







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