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...64-bits to die for...

Clint Thompson


As it comes time to 'nicen' things up for Zilch, here's a peek at my past chicken scratch notes transformation into reality form, or mostly so...




My handwriting seems to have suffered over the years but I can still make it out.


Main game screen area is 304 by 192, seems to be the sweet spot while still allowing room for other critical info and gameplay elements that can swipe in/out as needed. Still need to change the interact area on the right lower hand side. Would be nice to swap the shitty text out with nice text graphics and possibly the Jaguar's joypad buttons to match up with those, laid out the same way.




The dice themselves are all animated when rolling (on both the bottom close-up dice and the table when either the player or character grabs and rolls them). Probably should have green, yellow, or red borders around them based on their value or options available.


The idea is simplicity. To inform the player which dice they probably want to keep so a simple and easy interface is critical. No one wants to fumble around selecting each dice on what they want to roll or keep.


Actually, that should most certainly be the next step of action: JagPad Buttons.... maybe a Jag Claw action each time any action is performed.


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