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Protector SE is it worth it?



    Protector SE was the game that got me hooked on the Jaguar again. I owned a Jaguar right at the end of its life cycle I picked up cheap at a used game store. I did AVP, Tempest, and moved on. Fast forward 20 years. There are many games I found out I really would have liked had I stuck with it. After venturing down many internet rabbit holes and researching what I missed out on, I ended up at Songbird. Liking shooters and arcade style games I took the $90 plunge. Money well spent. I think at this point it comes out to about $1 an hour for the time I've enjoyed playing it.

    You save little astronauts that get abducted by aliens on a horizontal plane. You can move in any direction, and a little map shows where the aliens are for you. You get money you spend on shields and ships between rounds. Forgotten Worlds and Lords of Thunder had stores like that. The soundtrack is really good and fits the game well. The graphics are a little small but are very detailed and crisp. Box and manual all look great just like a retail release. The Package also came with Jag Ads and Native disc for Jag CD. I doubt I'll ever get the CD attachment to use these so I guess just cool collectors items for now. 



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