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game idea



I've been playing Escape From Tarkov for the last month.  It's an interesting twist on the online PvP FPS with a money based risk / reward system.  If your main character is killed then any equipment you were using (with a few exceptions) is lost and you must spend in-game money to replace it before playing again.  Or you can play as a "Scav" which spawns later in the raid with random equipment.  In raid you can also find randomized loot in various locations or take equipment & loot from dead PMCs and Scavs (which may be player or computer controlled).  You can then exit the map via pre-determined locations on the map.


So while there's a focus on looting and getting kills similar to a typical battle royale style game, the focus isn't on being the last player standing but rather on surviving.  There's also the ability to sell items found in raid to "traders" or to & from other players via a "flea market".  In addition, there are tasks and quests which allow you to buy more powerful equipment from the traders and other ways of generating income outside of the raids.


What this means is players who are able to put more time into the game end up with an advantage to other players as they have access to better equipment in addition to the game skills they develop by playing the game for endless hours.  So it's not quite "play to win", but there's a definite advantages which makes it very hard on new players.  (And Tarkov can be a very brutal game for new players anyway - death comes quickly as headshots are typically one-hit kills.)


But I had an idea - what if the game instead made it harder for more experienced players?  So when you start you have access to the best equipment but as your in-game character levels up that equipment becomes more expensive or even unavailable?  Imagine if the best players aren't the ones running around with impenetrable armor and instant death guns but have the weakest armor and pistols so must instead use all of the game skills they have accumulated.


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