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Volleyball! (Magnavox Odyssey^2 1980)





It's been 17 years since I started this blog! 17 years since June 12th, 2005. Can you believe it? I mean, the year 1989 was only 16 in 2005!


I'm going to try to switch to video but still type, because I love typing.


Actually I might do a subtitle file for the hell of it. Also make subtitles in Japanese (because my Japanese is absolutely horrible) and Spanish (because my Spanish is absolutely horrible and even worse than my Japanese.)


Something I do forget to mention in the video is how you "spike" the ball. I wasn't able to demonstrate it, but my computer opponent sure did. Repeatedly. When you're above the net, you move that top player closest to the net and hit the Action Button to make the ball move faster when you hit it over the net. I couldn't do that.


Also, in the video, I repeatedly mistakenly say "Magnavox Odyssey" when I should be saying "Magnavox Odyssey2" ("Magnavox Odyssey Squared" or, if superscript is unavailable, "Magnavox Odyssey Shift-6 two")




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