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Game Gear Fury



Fatal Fury Special is another win for Game Gear. Much like Samurai Shodown I am very happy I got this. It is a faster paced experience than SS and really makes me think Street Fighter could have been done on the system and been just fine. 


The presentation is very similar to SS. Scrolling backgrounds, animation, very colorful. Round 1 is daytime, then the next is turns to night. Detailed characters, I always play as Terry but can tell who everyone is. 


    There is no side step in this. That eliminates some of the strategy I liked on the Neo Geo. It makes it have more of a street fighter feel to it. Just straight forward fighting and combos. There is a survival mode to play, nice option, but I would have rather had sidestep than the extra mode in this.


    The fightings solid, everything connects and feels the part. Moves and combos feel natural. Except Ryo. He has an unbreakable life draining combo that's infuriating. Everyone up to him wasn't bad. I got though. And this game was a definite win. So fast paced twitch fighting it's Fatal Fury, slower strategy fighting SS for me. Both are gonna stay close to the Game Gear for awhile.


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