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Poor Artie.  Still stuck in that box.


Have any of his brothers been unpacked yet?  I wonder if he's all alone in there...

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1 hour ago, D Train said:

Poor Artie.  Still stuck in that box.


Have any of his brothers been unpacked yet?  I wonder if he's all alone in there...

He'll be out soon! And yes - there's at least one other console packed in that box. (Everybody made the trip... but some will show up sooner than others.)

21 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

I got that IMO irritating mail too. You can unsubscribe.

I unsubbed before the page finished loading. ;) 


I really wasn't expecting Atari spam to come from AtariAge. But Atari bought it, so they can do with it what they want.


Makes you think though... when Atari bought AtariAge, that would have included all of the website's and store's assets, including everyone's email addresses, every physical address orders have been shipped to, phone numbers that were part of contact information, order history... and what else? Maybe payment information? Credit card numbers? PayPal accounts? I would also assume they bought AtariAge's eBay account and all of the information that went with that, and any other avenues AtariAge may have sold products through.


Makes you wonder what they'll do with it all... :ponder: 

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I doubt any vendor in the world nowadays is allowed to store credit card numbers. That is why there are payment providers, acting like the middleman between the vendor and the card company. I do know some sites still appear to save the data, but I believe it is stored with the PSP through some API.


Anyway, if all credit card payment processors used 2FA solutions like 3D Secure, code generators and what's available in your country, the actual credit card number would not hold any more importance than my bank account number. Now I know people find giving out bank account numbers scary too, because banks don't implement enough security procedures around those, and perhaps the USA is worse than Europe in this respect, but one's identity and money should have better security than just one string of numbers.


For that matter, the email from AtariAge/Atari looked like total shit in my email client before I downloaded external content. It was dark blue text on black background, completely illegible. Since (a very small) part of my work is about formatting email templates, it surprises me how a company like Atari can send out emails that entirely depends on the reader downloading external content to see what the email says. For that matter, there are ways to include inlined graphics etc with emails - I have created such mails before - without those getting out of hand but I suppose it takes too much time creating the software and template to get it to work, time and money that Atari (and even less AtariAge) doesn't have.

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