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I have Escaped From Tarkov



After nearly 700 days of ownership and over 1450 hours of playtime I have decided to stop playing Escape From Tarkov.  Hopefully the withdrawal symptoms won't be too severe.


This is not because EFT isn't a good game - otherwise I wouldn't have played it as much as I did.  It's more a combination of two factors:

1. This wipe I was able to accomplish some landmark tasks - reaching PMC level 40 and completed the "The Punisher - Part 6" quest.

2. There are probably other things I should be spending 2+ hours per day doing.


This wipe (my third) saw definite improvement in my game over the last wipe.  However, I suspect the amount of time I was playing was a significant factor in how much I was able to accomplish.  Thus, while I likely would be able to achieve more next wipe, I suspect I wouldn't reach the same landmarks that much faster.  And, due to the nature of the game, the next landmarks (i.e. PMC level 42) aren't easily accomplished.


So guess I've reached the point where I can honestly say "been there, done that, got the pix to prove it".

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I made it through the holiday without playing EFT, although I was tempted many times.  But I reminded myself that EFT is a time sink with a very high "one more raid" incentive.  In addition, progression in EFT is strongly related to playtime.  So even if I was able to restrict myself to an hour a day, that would mean I would mostly be replaying the same content I have already played three times.

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