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Yuzu - what were they thinking?



I've been using emulators since early MAME days.  However, I've also recognized there isn't much difference between preservation and piracy.  But I figured there isn't much risk of prosecution when emulating games which could no longer be purchased.


So I have to wonder what the developers of Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, were thinking.  Nintendo is well known for being litigious and the Switch is still being sold and it's not a stretch to state that the emulator itself is resulting in lost hardware sales and lost software sales by encouraging piracy.  I'm actually surprised it took Nintendo this long to react.


I also find the statement by the Yuzu team that "they never intended Yuzu to be used for piracy" laughable.  While they might have stated that publicly, they certainly used commercial software to validate and demonstrate the emulator.  There's a good chance they had to jump through various hoops to allow commercial games to work.


So the obvious consequences occurred - Nintendo sued and the Yuzu team closed up shop; turning everything over to Nintendo and agreeing to pay $2.4M.


Also, it is my understanding that Yuzu users were encouraged (maybe required) to financially support the development team.  I wonder if Nintendo is now in possession of that information and if they might actually go after end users....

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