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WELL, THAT was a whirlwind! Finished up Squish 'Em with just days to spare. :)


I posted the list of differences vs. the A8 version in the Squish 'Em thread, but I thought I'd recap here and try to collect my thoughts about my next project(s).


First, Squish 'Em - this turned out waaaay better than I thought. It was easier than I hoped (and a lot of fun :D) to disassemble the A8 source, which allowed me to get the timings to match exactly and the sounds to match very very closely. I still had to make some compromises but they all turned out to be minor ones, so I'm happy and pleased with the result. :) I'm also very happy that I was able to squeeze it into 4K.


Wow - two games released this year. Busy busy. Though, once again, I took the summer mostly off, so I squeezed most of my coding into intense bursts in the spring and the fall. And I just remembered - I also modified Go Fish! to allow a 6-digit score. :)


So, enough looking back - what's next?


A couple of minor projects:

-convert Elevators Amiss to PAL (or, likely, PAL60).

-possibly convert Go Fish! to use Econobanking or whatever that cheap 8K banking scheme is called.


A couple of big projects are also in the works:

-I've been thinking about picking up the Supercharger RPG I was working on a year or two ago and trying to bang that into shape

-I've also been toying with a big project for a while now, bugging Nathan for sprites, and writing kernels (on paper). I'll keep this one under wraps for just a bit longer - but I will say that the possible availability of a 64K cart has revived my interest...:)

-Something for the A8? It's kind of a dream of mine to write an A8 game, but the difficulty is picking a project, of course.


Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks for indulging a little navel-gazing and have a good Christmas!


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