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1973 End of an Odyssey




1973 is in our retro-view mirror!


Only four games


:| W.I.N

:) Interplanetary Voyage

:D Brain Wave

:cool: Basketball


Something which I forgot to demonstrate about Interplanetary Voyage that I thought was pretty neato.


In the second game in the manual, "University of the Solar System", you draw cards to answer questions about the Solar System. Here is an example:



The interesting thing about this card, is that the answer isn't on it. Anywhere. See the little triangle/arrow in the middle of the right hand side. That points to the answer, but only if you put it on the gameboard.



See the part that says M.O.A.D.? you put the card on that and the arrow points to the name of the planet which is the answer. Nifty, eh?


This is the End of the Magnavox Odyssey games. They stayed on the shelves from May of 1972 until the Fall of 1975 and were replaced by the Magnavox Odyssey 100 at least that's what I've read. We'll talk about the Odyssey 100 later.


Just for the record, if you were to have purchased all of the games new in 1972 and 1973. (I'm giving rounded prices because I hate prices like $24.95. Why not just call it $25!?! Christ.)


Main Console: about $100

Shooting Gallery: about $25

1972 Optional Games: about $6 each

1973 Optional Games: about $6 each


So a complete Odyssey collection in 1972/73 might've cost about $200 brand spankin new.


In the course of trying to amass a complete Odyssey collection I spent about $1700 USD. I'm not bragging, in fact, I'm a little embarassed knowing that some of you find stuff worth that much at garage sales and only pay $50 for it. Of course, I ended up with doubles. I've got 5 Main consoles, 4 of which actually work and are complete; A carrying case in OK condition; Three complete Shooting Galleries; three Volleyballs (one missing manual); two Invasions; three Interplanetary Voyages (one missing two playing cards); two W.I.N (one horribly incomplete, but nice box); one Basketball; one incomplete Brain Wave (missing 10 out of 96 tiles), one Fun Zoo, one Baseball, one Handball, two Wipeouts (one missing one car token), and one Percepts. It should also be noted that I made some incredibly poor buying decisions and learned some harsh eBay lessons. I probably won't be able to sell all of this for more than $1200. Not looking for sympathy (or criticism), just FYI.


In all that mess and after spending all that money, I never saw a frackin' box for the RF Switch. :lol: Go figure. I bought my first Odyssey in November 2002 and bought my last item for it in September of 2004. During one week in September of 2004 every available Odyssey item that I know of, other than Percepts, arrived at my house via UPS. I've also got the shipping box for the 1973 games, the Shipping Box for my Odyssey with the silver Magnavox Logo on it, the original batteries and a roll of Odyssey tape.




Anyway, that's all for now, I'll be back after I find an original Atari or Tele-games PONG unit.




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bravo! cant wait for your take on Pong! Now you're getting into Games I'll remember. Great info so far! Thanks :)

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your picture of your Odyssey hardware is worth $1700!

I really enjoyed reading the Odyssey entries.It is amazing what they did with only four elements on screen.

Keep up the good work!

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bravo!  cant wait for your take on Pong!  Now you're getting into Games I'll remember.  Great info so far!  Thanks :)


Hey! Thanks! What a nice thing to say, I can't believe I missed this comment! Sorry it took so long to respond! :)



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your picture of your Odyssey hardware is worth $1700!

I really enjoyed reading the Odyssey entries.It is amazing what they did with only four elements on screen.

Keep up the good work!


:) Thanks! I'll try to keep it up, but, jeez, it's getting hard with my chief playing partner (my son) not home for summer vacation everyday anymore! Maybe I should take him out of school, say he's sick or something . . . (hehe, I'm kidding, of course.)


I'm glad you enjoyed it and I agree, it is amazing what they did with what they had.

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Great work! We're done with the Odyssey! I can't wait to read about other systems!


I really liked what they did with the "University of the Solar System" cards. Clever!


Why not just call it $25!?!

That's a marketing / sales strategy thing. Psychologically, something looks cheaper if it doesn't hit a certain threshold. If you're on a budget and avoiding, say, spending $2000 USD on something, finding it for $1999 will probably work for you, while the $2000 value would actually make you stop and think because you had that mental limit. This kind of pricing makes more sense nowadays given that you can make online queries and search for items up to a certain price. An item priced at $24,99 will show up in a query with a $25 upper limit, while a $25 item might not show if the filter is exclusive. Not that I like these numbers, but I get the motivation.


In the course of trying to amass a complete Odyssey collection I spent about $1700 USD.

Ok, I didn't feel sorry for you at the start of this blog, but now I do. That's. Just. Insane. I mean, not the value itself, but the crazy amount of doubles you ended up with. Probably a necessity as people weren't willing to sell you single items, but man, that's a lot. I hope you recouped some of that investment. If you still have some of that stuff it would be great to update some of these entries with more pictures and scans. You know, for future generations. :-)

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Yeah, the original idea was "buy it on ebay, play it, sell it back" with the only "cost" being shipping and handling.


The true cost is time and dealing with eBay... and the currency is one's sanity.

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