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New, but not quite as exciting





For some reason the 7800 has caught my fancy lately. Here's the result:




Could someone with a CC2 or similar please run this on an actual 7800 and verify that it looks like the picture? The documentation on the 320 modes is unclear.


And, if Schmutzpuppe is reading this - can you explain the graphics in Frogger? I was looking closely at them in an emulator and, as far as I understand the 320 modes, you shouldn't be able to do what it looks like you are doing! :D


EDIT: After re-reading the docs and some stuff here on AA, I think I just didn't understand the 320 modes completely. :)


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Is there a Mac version of MESS? It's 7800 emulation seems to be decent.




Try here: http://www.macmess.org/


I've found MESS a colossal pain to set up but, since I recently did it at home so I could play around with 7800 dev, it is somewhat fresh in my mind. So I might be able to help. Might. :cool:

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I used MacMESS years ago. I haven't kept up with it at all. I just assumed the Mac version languished with the Mac version of MAME (since they used the same code base). Looks like SDLMESS has kept up though.

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BTW, I posted today's version of this in a thread in the homebrew forum. Now has musics! Which might be very familiar to folks that have downloaded my other binaries...:cool:

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