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Ms. Pacman - Fruit Locations



After playing upside down Ms. Pacman (see this blog post) i was a little disappointed with where the fruits would appear because they were still set to the original tunnel locations. If that locations happened to be a maze it would warp though it - awkward, but ok. If it had some empty space followed by a maze part the fruit would appear, bounce into the wall and then disappear off into space and you'd never get to eat - not the desired result. Based on some additional technical knowledge I got from Bob, I know now that Ms. Pacman and Pacman collection both contain a table of "row" locations with specify where the tunnels are in each level. The columns for these locations are actually shared for the entire game so a change there would mean all levels would need to conform to that change. Because it's just easier to use coumns 0 and 27, I used as fixed columns that can hold the tunnel locations. It's now possible to set fruit start and end locations in my Pac-man editor!


You can actually change the pattern that the fruit takes, but for the sake of my purposes that is a bit more involved than is necessary :)

Now the fruit locations are correct for my upsidedown Ms. Pacman


While I am at it, it was pretty easy to create an upside down version of Pacman. While I was at it I corrected the dot color. The arcade is actually slightly peach colored, not white!


and for anybody interested in trying these out here are the binaries

upsidedownMsPac.bin UpsideDownPacman.bin



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