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I finally got to see 3D TV yesterday

Random Terrain


If you've been to the Ulterior Interior page on my web site, you probably know that I don't see in 3D. The only difference I see when I close one eye is that my field of view isn't as wide. I had glasses that contained 'partial prisms' from an eye doctor back around 1984/1985 that allowed me to see in 3D, but they only worked for about 6 months. The point of mentioning that is I have seen the world in true 3D. I could see and 'feel' the space between everything. Those glasses turned the flat, boring world into a magical place where everything you look at is amazing. Before getting those glasses, the closest thing to actual 3D I experienced was the View-Master I had as a kid. I thought other people saw that way, but I learned that it's not even close to real 3D after experiencing it for myself. View-Master had what looked like layers of 3D, strips of things in front or behind other strips of things, but real 3D isn't in strips (every little thing stands out).


Well, I was at Best Buy yesterday and they had a 3D TV set up with 3D glasses there at eye level. I put my face up to the glasses, being careful not to touch them with any part of my face and it was similar to looking at a video version of a View-Master. It was just strips of things in front or behind other strips of things, just like a View-Master. The only difference was that the strips were moving. It was kind of cool, but mostly a disappointment. After experiencing real 3D, all this stuff does is remind me how un-3D it is. Now I know why people who see in 3D go to plays. If I could see in 3D again, where every little detail seems to magically pop out, I'd probably want to go to plays too. It would be much better than this inferior 3D with layered strips.




Random Terrain



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Many 3D movies choose to duct-tape in 3D after production. That's the main reason why you see "view-master" style with 3D glasses. I had the same experience with the Clash of the Titans remake. Only tiny parts with CGI were true 3D and not cardboard cutouts. Try Beowulf or the new Tron film.As a side I tried a Zalman 3D LCD monitor recently. Left 4 Dead and Nintendo 64 games worked really well but calibration was a royal pain.

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Try Beowulf or the new Tron film.

The next time I go back to Best Buy, the new Tron film will probably be the old Tron film by then, so they'll probably have it playing on a 3D TV and I'll get to see part of it.

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My right eye is nearsighted (-2) but wasn't diagnosed for many years. Thus I tend to be left eye dominant for far focus and right eye dominant for near focus. Although I wear glasses/contact I don't really "see" in 3D, or rather all of my "depth perception" is monocular. #D movies kinda work for me (more "depth" than 2D) but I seldom get a true immersive feel.


And theloon is correct, many 3D movies have the second image created in post production (although true two camera capture is becoming more common). However, the problem with "3D" movies is they are limited by how they are displayed. Although they can show each eye a different image, they don't actually show depth (so focus doesn't change).

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