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My next thing is to work out the cartridge to target: stock, Sara or Melody. I suspect the limited RAM when using a stock cartridge will be an issue with 2X the robots. If I go for Sara, then Al would most be using Melody cartridges to build them which leads to thinking about utilizing DPC+ and/or ARM support :ponder:


AtariVox for the speech of course. I'm thinking to replace "Coin detected in pocket" with "Reset detected on console".

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Had another idea - I could do digitized speech using DPC+. The AtariVox is ubercool, but no longer available so those w/out one would be missing out.


What I can see doing is utilizing part of the 4K Display Data RAM as the "Current Sample" and copy a single word to it for playback. when that word is finished playing, copy over the next word (or fill with 0's when not talking). To make that work I would need a way to know that the current word finished playback, which would require knowing the value of a DataFetcher's pointer. Would also need to modify the DPC+'s CALLFUNCTION to update AUDV0 via a DataFetcher instead of the 3-voice audio generator.

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