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Seaweed Assault: Variable Overhaul

Random Terrain


Nobody has to read these Seaweed Assault blog entries. I'm just using them as motivation (showing that progress is being made). I'll also use these entries to 'think out loud' about various things I might want to do.


To make it easier to add new variables for bonus items or enemies or whatever, I've given the dims and defs a major overhaul. There is a better order to everything, room has been made for new variable aliases, and some variable names have been changed to make the program easier to understand.


I've already moved code around and added more rems. I still have about half a day of rems to add to make sure I know how every little thing works (so I won't mess up anything when adding new code).


Next I have to think about an item that will be hiding behind a random piece of seaweed that has been shot. Will it always be something good or sometimes will it be a little pissed-off creature that comes after you because you disturbed it? Whatever the item is, it can't be on the screen at the same time as a health canister or Wrothopod or other creature.



Random Terrain



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