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Seaweed Assault: The Sticky Stays

Random Terrain


I've been playing around with making the seaweed less 'sticky' when players get themselves into tight situations.


One version I tried decreases the health bar by one notch and kicks the player out of the seaweed. If there is a long line of seaweed, the player could potentially get knocked through the line of seaweed (across the whole screen). It looks stupid and doesn't fit the game.


After trying a few different variations, I like the original sticky seaweed. The player will have more than one life, so it won't be as difficult. If players will relax and start shooting instead of struggling, it will be easier to get out of the seaweed. When shooting can't help, the seaweed tentacle might be able to pull them out of there. It's kind of like other things in life; the more you struggle, the harder things get.




Random Terrain



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